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SoftChalk… Not just for the teachers!

August 29, 2016

The name SoftChalk is typically linked with educators and professionals in the education industry. However, Rachel Stange is here to show it is not just for the grown-ups. From a student’s perspective, SoftChalk can be just as beneficial learning from as well as using it to create content to teach others. Being able to talk… Read More >

Innovators In Online Learning Summer Course

May 04, 2016

Teaching Online – Strategies and Tips – A four week online course for educators July 11th- August 8th, 2016 Are you teaching online? Don’t know where to begin when developing online courses? Are you looking for more effective ways to deliver engaging content to your online learners? If you answered yes to any of the… Read More >

Interact. Engage. Create for K-12 Learners.

November 19, 2015

Written by Dr. Diane D. Painter Shenandoah University At Shenandoah University our teacher candidates are taught to select instructional materials that meet the needs of diverse students and consider students’ abilities, interests, and learning styles. They need to look for opportunities to use the materials in social interactions that establish and sustain students’ attention, engagement… Read More >

NEW and Improved!

October 02, 2015

The SoftChalk Talk Blog is back in action! We look forward to providing you with regular posts on all things new with SoftChalk, tips and tricks, guest spots by ‘Chalkies’ like you, and posts discussing the hottest topics and trends in education today. Now is your chance to check out our new blog for a… Read More >

The Flipped Classroom: Strategies and Tips – Register for two online micro-courses to improve student learning

May 06, 2015

Students drooling all over their desks as they sleep through a classroom lecture not only hurts your ego; but also, the information being taught no longer has the chance to be retained by the student. Educators have been struggling for years to better engage their students so they will retain more of the information being… Read More >