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Upgrade the LMS Experience—empower your faculty to create and deliver awesome content in their LMS course.

higher education student with laptopYou have a learning management system—but is the content in your LMS awesome, or is it meh? Are you delivering engaging, interactive learning content to your students?  Or are your courses just a place for students to download a course syllabus and check their grades?

If you’re an educator, instructional designer, or school administrator who is looking to upgrade the LMS experience – look no more!  SoftChalk Cloud is the fast and easy way for your faculty to create high quality online lessons that are interactive and engage students.

SoftChalk Cloud is content authoring software that works seamlessly with whatever LMS your school is already using. Let us show you how SoftChalk Cloud can help your faculty and staff dramatically improve the content in their LMS courses!

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Content Authoring Software for FACULTY, INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS and ADMINISTRATORS—SoftChalk Cloud makes it easy to create, manage, and deliver high quality digital curriculum.


Our students expect engaging, compelling digital content in their courses. Easy, simple access to this content, via their LMS, is best (no extra logins to remember, no additional platforms for them to navigate). And they expect to access their course and materials from their laptop, their tablet and their smart phone.

As educators, we need a solution that allows us to easily create powerful digital learning experiences for our students. We also need a solution that lets us effectively evaluate student engagement, provide feedback to students and track results. Simple, easy management of the course content is also critical so we can work efficiently. And of course, we need responsive, quality training and support where and when WE need it!

Content Authoring Software

Many of our full-time faculty wanted to share their course content with adjunct faculty. Softchalk Cloud makes it very easy for instructors and professors to create content folders allowing them to share their lesson folders with other faculty members.

– Adam F.


SoftChalk Cloud is designed by educators for educators to…

  • Quickly and easily create professional-looking, personalized, interactive digital lessons.
  • Integrate lesson content in a simple, efficient way with the school’s learning management system.
  • Track detailed student score results from lessons directly into the LMS gradebook.
  • Ensure that content meets Web Accessibility requirements.



Instructional designers and curriculum specialists need a solution that not only provides content authoring features, but also supports every phase of the curriculum development life cycle—from concept and review, to development, to management of the curriculum.

SoftChalk Cloud is the perfect authoring solution for instructional designers…

  • Easily create, store, manage and share thousands of lessons and learning objects for system-wide access.
  • Share lessons simultaneously in multiple courses in multiple learning management systems.
  • Use permission groups to collaborate with team members on curriculum development.
  • Create and manage your own searchable learning object repository.



University administrators need a comprehensive eLearning solution that allows their  institution to:

  • Develop and deliver the highest quality learning experience for their students.
  • Measure and demonstrate success for their online programs.
  • Integrate with the existing institutional technology infrastructure.
  • Comply with school security, privacy and other standards requirements.
  • Remain cost effective

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