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Create online course content and interactive lessons with ease

Our eLearning authoring tools help you to create engaging, affordable, academic, and professional course content.

Affordable content

Eliminate the cost of expensive textbooks and other media. Save valuable time for community college educators and learners by creating and accessing learning content anytime, anywhere.

Professor teaching in a large college classroom, students listening with laptops in front of them
laptop screen with sample lesson named Eye Anatomy Demo with magnification on the sidebar options including adding users to courses

Support for faculty

Get responsive, quality training and technical support for faculty where and when you need it. Our learning experts can address your specific interests with web-based or onsite training.

Skills training

Develop and deliver critical training to a wide variety of learners in professions like nursing, culinary arts, automotive technology etc. Address the technical, behavioral and mind-set skills required by employers for various professions by creating your own content.

laptop showing sample lesson called "knife skills"
tablet screen showing sample softchalk course called BIOL 2402 Course Orientation and the title of the page is welcome to the class

Beyond course content

Provide online orientation, personal development and critical security and safety training for students, faculty and staff.

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