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Increase student engagement & improve learning outcomes

Set up your online learners for success by giving your educators the elearning authoring tools they need for designing engaging learning experiences

three students looking at laptop screens collaboratively doing group work

Interactive educational experiences for different learning styles

Create interactive activities, quizzes, iFrames and annotated text. Choose from 20+ interactives to design and embed in your lessons and make learning experiences highly engaging. It only takes a few minutes to create wordsearches, image labeling, dragndrop, sorting activities and more.

Laptop screen showing interactive content options for Softchalk lesson development, magnifying various games such as crosswords, memory, sorting, slideshow, labelling, image map, drop n drop
laptop screen showing data from a sample softchalk lesson including number of users, site usage, poll answers, ratings, etc

Data that leads to results for learners and educators

Ensure your lessons are moving students toward mastery of your learning objectives via SoftChalk’s detailed score tracking results. Identify students’ strengths and weaknesses by observing time spent on content, number of attempts made, and more.  Make informed decisions about future lesson content.

Flexible tracking options

Customize the delivery and tracking of score results in a variety of ways via the  SoftChalk Cloud ScoreCenter. In addition to traditional gradebook tracking options, email score reports to instructors, print score summaries and generate certificates of completion.

Tablet showing sample lesson scoring with pie chart and data table

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