eLearning Authoring for K12 Virtual Schools and Blended Classrooms

The fastest, easiest way to transition to a digital curriculum.

K12 Student with LaptopeLearning is powerful and transformative. But, developing a quality eLearning program for your school is challenging. That’s what inspired us to develop SoftChalk Cloud… to help educators, like ourselves, meet the challenges we face as we transition to digital curriculums in our schools.

If you’re an educator, instructional designer or curriculum specialist who is looking to create high-quality digital curriculum for your online program or course—look no more! SoftChalk Cloud is the fastest, easiest and most flexible way for you to develop high quality, interactive and engaging online curriculum.

We’re the content authoring platform that works seamlessly with whatever learning management system (LMS) your school is already using. Let us show you how SoftChalk Cloud can help your team create awesome content for your students.

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Content Authoring Software for K12 TEACHERS, INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS and ADMINISTRATORS—SoftChalk Cloud makes it easy to create, manage and deliver high quality digital curriculum.

K12 Teachers

Our students are often more tech-savvy than we are. They’ve been using smart devices since they could point-and-click. They expect fun, compelling digital content. They want to learn something new and useful… to gain knowledge and skills that are relevant to their lives.

We need to provide lessons that keep them engaged and motivated. And… our digital content needs to work on their device of choice and be accessible to all students through screen readers and other assistive devices.

As educators, we need solutions that help us meet these needs and allow us to easily create powerful digital learning experiences for our students. Solutions that allow us to work on our operating system of choice, either online or offline with anytime/anywhere access.

Solutions that let us effectively evaluate student outcomes through formative assessment and feedback to personalize our student’s learning experiences. To track detailed student score results so we can measure outcomes and track student engagement. And, of course, we need responsive, quality training and technical support where and when WE need it!

SoftChalk Cloud is designed by educators for educators to…

  • Quickly and easily create professional-looking, personalized, interactive digital lessons.
  • Integrate lesson content in a simple, efficient way with your school’s LMS.
  • Track detailed student score results from lessons directly into your LMS gradebook.
  • Ensure that content meets web accessibility requirements.
  • World-class support and training



Instructional designers and curriculum specialists need a solution that not only provides content authoring features, but also supports every phase of the curriculum development life cycle—from concept and review, to development, to management of the curriculum.

SoftChalk Cloud is the perfect authoring solution for instructional designers…

  • Easily create, store, manage and share thousands of lessons and learning objects for system-wide access.
  • Share lessons simultaneously in multiple courses in multiple learning management systems.
  • Use permission groups to collaborate with team members on curriculum development.
  • Create and manage your own searchable learning object repository.



School leaders and administrators recognize that it’s critical to develop and offer the very best digital curriculum in order to improve learning outcomes, attract and retain the best students and teachers, and remain competitive in today’s education landscape. SoftChalk Cloud enables your team to…

  • Develop and deliver the highest quality learning experience for your students.
  • Retain ownership of your digital curriculum.
  • Measure and demonstrate success for your eLearning program.
  • Integrate easily with your existing institutional technology environment.
  • Comply with school security, privacy and other standards requirements.
  • Remain cost effective.
Content Authoring Software

I work for a Virtual School and we are developing a great deal of our content in SoftChalk Cloud because it offers us LMS independence and the flexibility to share our content with whoever we want. The single point of update to the content is vital to us as we offer multiple sections of many courses and often will share lessons across these sections. So, having the ability to perform quick fixes to content is paramount and saves us time.

– Nathan T.


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