Enhancing Text, Create a Table of Contents, Navigation and Sidebars – 60 mins

Learn how to enhance text with tooltips, hyperlinks, accordion lists, tabbed lists, numbered lists, bulleted lists, and block quotes. Learn how SoftChalk creates navigation using page breaks, page names and content headings. We will add new topics to the SoftChalk … Read More

Introduction to SoftChalk Cloud Platform and Content Authoring – 60 mins

Learn where SoftChalk lessons and learning objects are stored and how to upload existing files that you may want to use in your SoftChalk content including docs, pdfs, images, and .zip files. Learn how to create engaging online course content … Read More

Canvas LMS Integration

Learn how to use the SoftChalk Cloud platform to create interactive content for the Canvas Learning Management System.  Choose to have student score results report directly from your SoftChalk lessons into your Canvas gradebook, and view detailed results including time on … Read More

Interactive Learning Activities And Quiz Questions

Learn how to create and modify text and graphics-based quiz questions and learning activities. We will also save an activity and quiz question as individual learning objects for reuse independently or in future SoftChalk lessons. Note:  This session will cover … Read More

Lesson Design Properties

Learn how to apply design elements to enhance the look and feel of your SoftChalk lessons. We will use the properties menu to apply a content theme, explore the 3 SoftChalk layout options (classic, vertical, horizontal) that can be applied … Read More

Embedding Multimedia, Widgets, iFrames

Learn how to embed audio, video, widgets, and inline frames (iFrames) to nest websites, PDFs, and documents within your SoftChalk lesson. We will also insert images and learn how to optimize, modify, and align them on the lesson page to … Read More