Quizzes and SoftChalk ScoreCenter – 40 Min

Learn how to create, modify and capture scores from single and multi-question quizzes to a Learning Management System (LMS) grade book or to your SoftChalk Cloud profile’s ScoreCenter grade area. Quiz types include true false, multi answer, essay and more. … Read More

Interactive Activities Scored Group – 40 Mins

Learn how to create and modify engaging interactive activities like drag and drop, hotspot, sorting, labeling, crossword, and more. We will share how to create reusable learning objects by saving an activity independent of a lesson.  We’ll also explore how … Read More

Interactive Activities Presentation Group – 40 Min

Learn how to create and modify presentation learning activities in SoftChalk. We will also learn how to create a re-usable learning object by saving an activity independent of a lesson.  The presentation group includes flash card, timeline, accordion, slideshow, blockquotes … Read More

Embedding Multimedia, Widgets, iFrames – 40 Min

Learn how to embed audio, video, widgets, and inline frames (iFrames) to nest websites, PDFs, and documents within your SoftChalk lesson. 

Enhancing Text, Create a Table of Contents, Navigation and Sidebars – 40 Min

Learn how to enhance text and create navigation using page breaks, page names and content headings. Ways to enhance text with SoftChalk include tooltips, hyperlinks, accordion lists, tabbed lists, numbered lists, bulleted lists, div/blocks and block quotes.  

Introduction to the SoftChalk Cloud Platform and SoftChalk Content Authoring – 50 Min

Learn how to create accessible online learning content that includes interactive learning activities, quiz questions, enhanced text, audio, video and more. We will also explore how the content you create can be delivered to learners and outcomes tracked with or … Read More