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SoftChalk and the IMS Quarterly Conference – Notes From Jeff Kahn

August 16, 2011

As a special consultant to SoftChalk on integration and to the IMS Global Learning Consortium on Common Cartridge (a specification for packaging and sharing content and assessments), I attended the IMS Quarterly meeting in Redmond (Microsoft was the host). SoftChalk is a member of the IMS Common cartridge and Learning Tools Interoperability Alliance. One topic… Read More >

Go Mobile and Beyond – Discover the Powerful New Duo of SoftChalk 7 & CONNECT Plus

August 02, 2011

Create engaging, interactive e-learning experiences for your students with SoftChalk 7. Your content can now be delivered anywhere, anytime with SoftChalk SmartMobile! Host your content on CONNECT Plus where you can collaborate and share with colleagues, manage learner access, and track detailed student score results. SoftChalk 7 is here! To celebrate the launch we are… Read More >

SoftChalk™ Goes Mobile with the Release of SoftChalk 7 and CONNECT Plus

August 01, 2011

New features allow the creation of mobile lessons and enhance the sharing of educational content on CONNECT Richmond, Virginia, U.S. – August 1, 2011 – SoftChalk, a leading developer of educational software, today announced SoftChalk 7, the next generation of its flagship content authoring solution. In coordination, SoftChalk is also launching SoftChalk CONNECT Plus, a… Read More >