Go Mobile and Beyond – Discover the Powerful New Duo of SoftChalk 7 & CONNECT Plus

Create engaging, interactive e-learning experiences for your students with SoftChalk 7. Your content can now be delivered anywhere, anytime with SoftChalk SmartMobile!

Host your content on CONNECT Plus where you can collaborate and share with colleagues, manage learner access, and track detailed student score results.

SoftChalk 7 is here!
To celebrate the launch we are offering a 30-day FREE trial of both SoftChalk 7 and CONNECT Plus. Download both to get started experiencing the amazing new features today!

Get your 30-Day FREE Trial of SoftChalk 7

Get your 30-Day FREE Trial of CONNECT Plus


  1. Beth Alexander

    I have tried and tried but SoftChalk 7 will not launch on my Mac. I contacted SoftChalk but received no response. It’s am intriguing product – if I could manage to launch it.

    • Brittany

      Hi Beth – thanks for commenting. Please contact help@softchalk.com and explain the issue you are having so they can help you troubleshoot. It probably has to do with the operating system and the version of java you are running on your Mac.

      I hope you are able to get it working soon so you can try out the new version!

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