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By now I hope that you all have seen the new SoftChalk Cloud feature we released on Tuesday, or if you have not seen it in action you have at least heard the buzz around it! SoftChalk Cloud released its Local Launch feature and it has brought the two worlds of SoftChalk (Desktop and Cloud) together.

So what does this really mean for you?


SoftChalk Cloud users, the meaning of this is…

  1. You now have the capability to create and edit your lessons with or without an Internet connection. Yes, all of those times you had a deadline and your Internet failed or you happened to be out of town in a remote location and you needed to finish your SoftChalk lesson, stress no more!
  2. Simply follow the instructions here and after your first download SoftChalk Create will be installed locally on your machine and you will be set to use it anytime, anywhere.

SoftChalk Desktop users, this means the incentive to move to the Cloud just got that much stronger.

  1. Now you can enjoy everything you have been using with the Desktop, PLUS great features that include anytime/anywhere access, tracking student scores outside a LMS system, collaboration with colleagues and easy content delivery.
  2. Use the Cloud with an Internet connection or Create Local Launch without one or even use Create Local Launch with the Internet for a quicker way to pull up the editor window!

If you are already a Cloud user we would love to hear your thoughts on this new feature. If you are a Desktop user we would love to hear your thoughts on why you are now definitely switching to the Cloud or what might still be holding you back.

Either way, this is just one more way we here at SoftChalk hope creating lessons and content has become easier and more efficient.

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