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The Flipped Classroom: Strategies and Tips – Register for two online micro-courses to improve student learning

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Students drooling all over their desks as they sleep through a classroom lecture not only hurts your ego; but also, the information being taught no longer has the chance to be retained by the student. Educators have been struggling for years to better engage their students so they will retain more of the information being taught. A growing trend in the educational community is the flipped classroom method. This allows students to learn both in the classroom and individually at home. Homework is then completed in the classroom so the teacher can guide students while they complete their work. Therefore, students receive help as they are applying the concepts and are then able to better learn the information instead of just remembering it .

Flipped learning has been grabbing the attention of the education community for the past few years on the secondary and university levels. Many high schools have already adopted this method; even several medical and health professional schools are exploring the flipped learning concept.

Does the concept of flipped learning sound intriguing to you? Are you interested in applying it to your curriculum?

To learn more on how flipped learning has changed the way educators present information, Join us for these two (2 week) courses to help you get started with “flipping” your lessons. The instructional lessons are multi-media rich and contain graded questions and interactive learning games. Even better, the first full lesson in each course is free! These are online, non-credit courses that will take place on two separate weeks.

The Flipped Classroom: Strategies and Tips

Flipped Learning – Instructional Strategies and Tips

  • June 1-14, 2015
  • Registration fee: $20.00
  • Upon successful completion of all projects and activities, participants will earn a “Badge of Completion” (PDF certificate). This course qualifies for 10 hours of ACT 48 for Pennsylvania K-12 teachers.

Flipped Learning – Using Technology to Flip the Classroom

  • June 15-30, 2015
  • Registration fee: $25.00
  • Upon successful completion of all projects and activities, participants will earn a “Badge of Completion” (PDF certificate). This course qualifies for 10 hours of ACT 48 for Pennsylvania K-12 teachers.

To pre-register for either course please go to

For more information contact:
Joseph Zisk, Ed.D.
Professor/Director of Teaching and Learning Center
Department of Secondary Education and Administrative Leadership, Box 75
250 University Ave
California University of Pennsylvania
California PA 15419

Professional Development Improves Student Learning at HCT

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Virtual Clinical Experiences Help Prepare Future Nurses

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SoftChalk becomes an early adopter of a new Student Privacy Pledge

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SoftChalk Pilot takes off at 2 Penn State campuses

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