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If at first you don’t have the best solution, then try another one

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At Ohio State University, they are not afraid to try a variety of learning tools before choosing the right one for their faculty. Christine Barker, intern at the Ohio State University College of Nursing, was given the task of reviewing two similar eLearning solutions. Learn more about her decision to use SoftChalk as her content authoring tool of choice. 
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Chalkies Make Waves at the first ever SoftChalk User’s Conference

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On October 1-2, 2014, SoftChalk hosted its first ever user’s conference in Baltimore, Maryland, in conjunction with the 6th Annual Quality Matter’s conference. Centrally located near Baltimore Harbor, the conference drew in a diverse crowd of Chalkies, both local and from across the country. The event attracted SoftChalk user’s old and new, representing nearly 140… Read More >

SoftChalk Cloud honored with 2nd place win in the 2014 IMS Global Connected Learning App Challenge

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Last fall, IMS Global Learning Consortium hosted its inaugural Connected Learning App Challenge. This challenge was established to recognize applications that support digital innovation using open technology standards that enable connected learning. Challenge entries were evaluated on creativity, ease of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration and on their potential for enabling connected learning both online… Read More >

Storytelling for Learning: Digital Case Studies

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by Joni Tornwall When you are ill or injured and need healthcare services, what do you want the nurses who provide care for you to know?  Of course, you want them to have a lot of medical knowledge, but that’s not enough. What really matters to you is how they apply that knowledge to your… Read More >

Using Technology To Improve Student Learning: The Flipped Classroom – A free, 3-week, online micro-course for educators

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Imagine having more class time with your students. Having students watch lectures outside of class would provide more opportunities to incorporate student-centered activities in class.  Many educators are flipping their classes by having students watch their lectures at home (traditionally done in class) and having students do their “homework” (traditionally done at home) in class…. Read More >