University Case Studies

Tackling Textbook Affordability—A Transformative Experience

– Kennesaw State University Across the country, community colleges and universities are grappling with the problem of textbook affordability for their students. In one US Government Accountability Office study, the annual average spend on textbooks is 26% of the cost of tuition at a public, four year university. Too frequently, students chose not to buy... Read More >

University of Manchester – UK

At the University of Manchester in the northwestern UK, the Faculty of Life Sciences is dedicated to research, learning and engaging the public. This focus provides students with rich opportunities to produce original scholarly work while contributing to their communities. To this end, all final year honors students in the department complete a capstone project... Read More >

Century College – MN

Century College is the largest community college in Minnesota, serving over 15,000 students with more than 40 career programs. Located north of the twin cities in White Bear Lake, it is also the state’s largest provider of technical training, serving another 10,000 students. About 13% of Century’s courses are offered fully online or in a... Read More >

King Abdul-Aziz University – FutureU – Saudi Arabia

In 2007, King Abdul-Aziz University in Saudi Arabia sought out FutureU for help with its faculty development. The goal of the program was for faculty with limited technical skills to be able to author their own, pedagogically sound, course websites after completing a six-week training program conducted by FutureU partly online and partly face-to-face. SoftChalk... Read More >

HealthEast Care System

After several bad experiences with other software programs, HealthEast Care System initially said no to using anything other than PowerPoint to create the 1,500 courses it needed. According to Jeanne Siedow of HealthEast, “I was not an easy sell on this one, but a Web conference call changed my tune immensely.” During that call, a... Read More >