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2016 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge Winners Announced

Posted May 02, 2016 in News, Press Releases

Richmond, Virginia, U.S. – May 2, 2016 — SoftChalk, LLC, a leading developer of digital-curriculum content authoring solutions, announced today the three winners and six honorable mentions for its annual Lesson Challenge. The Lesson Challenge occurs each year and gives SoftChalk users a chance to be recognized for the inspiring digital content they create for their students. All entries are evaluated by a panel of judges after being submitted by their author, publicly, through SoftChalk Cloud.

The lessons are scored using a subset of the Quality Matters judging rubric by a panel of leading online educators and past Lesson Challenge winners. Specific categories include lesson creativity, professionalism, use of media, promoting learning engagement and use of measurable learning objects amongst other categories. The 2016 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge had 65 entries.

This year’s winning lessons include: first place winner, Innovation Zone of Nova Southeastern University with a lesson titled Ethics and Privacy; second place winner, Innovative Learning Environments Department of Clark County School District with M5L2: RNA and Protein Synthesis Contest and the third place winner, Alison Hedrick of Kennesaw State University with a lesson titled M12 Internet Technologies & Research.

Six honorable mentions were also selected: Margaret Gaddis of Colorado Mountain College with a lesson titled, Darwin’s Finches Lab; Kristi Peacock of Michigan Virtual University with two lessons World History B and Anatomy & Physiology A; Meghan Resler of Virginia Commonwealth University with Safety and Protection of Minors Tier 2- public; Ryan Walther of El Centro College with Standard Precautions and Infection Control; and the Social Studies Department of Innovative Learning Environments for Clark County School District with World Geography M6L2: Sub-Saharan Africa-Culture.

Sue Evans, SoftChalk CEO said, “We look forward to hosting the Lesson Challenge for our users each year and once again the competition was a tough one. This year really showed the innovative and creative ways in which educators are using SoftChalk to engage and inspire their learners.”

For more information and to view the winning lessons, visit the 2016 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge Winners Showcase.

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