Are you using one of these LMSs?

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SoftChalk integrates with them ALL!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create interactive online course materials that you could use with ANY learning management system?

Enter SoftChalk Cloud… the content authoring solution that lets you create your own eLearning materials, then deliver them in virtually any LMS—ANGEL, Blackboard, BrainHoney, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Jenzabar E-Learning, Moodle—you name it!

It’s SO easy!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Use SoftChalk Cloud’s authoring program to quickly and easily create interactive and engaging content that is hosted in SoftChalk Cloud.
  2. Link the lessons you create into your Learning Management System—in fact a single SoftChalk Cloud lesson can be linked into multiple courses, and multiple LMSs—simultaneously!
  3. When it’s time to update your course, simply modify your lesson in SoftChalk Cloud—and every course in every LMS that uses that lesson is updated with one click!

One lesson… one update… one click.

It’s the most flexible and efficient way to create interactive online learning content for delivery in learning management systems.

What if you change Learning Management Systems?

No problem! No need to export and import or convert your content. Simply link your SoftChalk Cloud content into your new LMS—your lessons can be linked into both your old and your new LMS at the same time!

Track Detailed Score Results

SoftChalk Cloud allows you to track detailed student score results for your SoftChalk modules. In many cases, student grades can be sent directly into your LMS gradebook.

SoftChalk Cloud—it’s the secure, scalable Content Authoring Platform that lets you Create Once, Use Anywhere.

Too Good to be True?

Contact us today to schedule a demo and let us show you how SoftChalk Cloud can empower you to become an eLearning Superstar!