Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool Integration With LMS Integration

As online learning becomes more prevalent, you want the courses you develop to be engaging and interactive, so your students get the most of their educational experience. However, if you’re like many Aglix Buzz course developers, you find the course creation options to be static, which doesn’t work for today’s learners.

At SoftChalk, we developed an Aglix Buzz authoring tool designed to provide the fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to create, manage, and share interactive course content with no programming skills needed.

Our built-in authoring tool is where the SoftChalk cloud-based platform shines and what makes it the perfect companion product for your learning management system.

Student completing online course made with Agile Buzz authoring tool from SoftChalk.

The Benefits of Our Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool

At SoftChalk Cloud, we want to make creating content for the Aglix Buzz Learning Management System easier. That’s why we’ve developed our software with the benefits you need to experience the best of our Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool.

Create Interactive, engaging, and accessible lessons

With SoftChalk, every educator can create awesome online lessons that are interactive and engaging for students. Include games, self-assessment quizzes, and annotated text to give your learners rich, interactive learning experiences that are delivered directly into your Aglix Buzz course.

Efficient Content Management

SoftChalk makes it quick and easy to manage your Aglix Buzz content.  Create a SoftChalk lesson and link it into one or more courses in Aglix Buzz.  When you need to update your lesson, simply modify your lesson in SoftChalk Cloud, and every course in Aglix Buzz that links to that lesson is automatically, simultaneously updated.

Score Tracking

Track student score results from SoftChalk lessons directly into your Aglix Buzz gradebook as well as view detailed student score results like time spent on the lesson, number of lesson attempts, and which questions and answers the student completed.

Transition-Proof Content

If you’ve ever transitioned your course content from one LMS to another, you know the challenges. SoftChalk content integrates with any LMS and it’s quick and easy to make the transition.  You can even deliver your SoftChalk lessons into more than one LMS simultaneously.

Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool User Testimonial

We pride ourselves on providing a user experience that improves the online learning process for educators and students.  Here’s a testimonial from a National Board Certified Teacher and Librarian who uses SoftChalk for both her teaching and professional development needs.

SoftChalk allows us to easily organize information for both teaching and professional development because it makes it so easy to integrate our own content and then add SoftChalk’s interactive activities. Here in Hampton City Schools, we love having this resource to assist us in our instruction. Using SoftChalk for my work has helped me be more productive so that I am working smarter, instead of harder.

– Nancy Terrell, NBCT, Teacher Librarian

Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool Resources

We’ve done our best to make the process of creating course content with SoftChalk as easy as possible.  But we know you might still have some questions.  You can check out our resources section to help you get acclimated to using SoftChalk as your Aglix Buzz authoring tool.

Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool User Guides

Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool Webinars

  • Introduction to SoftChalk Cloud – Ready to see SoftChalk Cloud in action? Then register for one of these webinars for an introduction to SoftChalk Cloud and Create!
  • Innovators in Online Learning – This series highlights educators who are using SoftChalk in innovative ways. These webinars are great for if you’re looking for new and exciting ways to use SoftChalk!

See our complete webinar calendar.

Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool Video Tutorial

Link a Lesson into Aglix Buzz
See how you can take content created and stored in SoftChalk
Cloud and place it into Aglix Buzz using a hyperlink.

Embed a Lesson into Aglix Buzz
See how you can take content created and stored in SoftChalk
Cloud and place it into Aglix Buzz using the embed code.

Track Scores into Aglix Buzz’s Gradebook
See how you can link your SoftChalk Cloud lesson in Aglix Buzz and
include scores from SoftChalk lessons in your Aglix Buzz gradebook.

Other Resources to Use With Your Aglix Buzz Authoring Tool

  • Short Courses – These live, one-hour webinars include a step-by-step instructions and examples as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions and receive assistance from the instructor.
  • Sample Lessons – See sample lessons educators have created and shared using SoftChalk Cloud.
  • Sample Interactives – See sample activities and quizzes to give you some ideas for interactives of your own.
  • FAQs – See FAQs for SoftChalk Cloud in our Support Center.

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