2019 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge









Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge! We had another successful year with 37 entries showcasing unique and personalized eLearning lessons created by YOU, our users. Here are your three winners and three honorable mentions for 2019:

First Place Winner
VHS Program Orientation Lesson
Ashley Walsh (Instructional Designer)
Gina Jones (Subject Matter Expert)
Virtual High School@Prince William County Public Schools

Second Place Winner
Cardiac Electrophysiology Interactive Review
Thomas Samuel
Austin Community College






Third Place Winner
Building and Teaching Hybrids (BATH)
Tiffani Reardon
Kennesaw State University






Honorable Mentions

Chemistry of Cookies: Lesson 2
Jennifer Panczyszyn, Clark County School District

Module 3 – Reproductive System
Amy Dignan, Prince William County Public Schools

Fundamentals of Design
Tremaine Williams, User Interaction Designer (Freelance)

Special thanks to the judges of this years Lesson Challenge:

  • Alli Houston, Senior Development Specialist, Georgia Department of Education
  • Dr. Stephen Holland, Professor, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and The University of Iowa
  • Kimberly Loomis, Digital Learning Director, Clark County School District
  • Lisa Cooley, Faculty, Piedmont Community College
  • Lisa Ferris, Assistant Professor of Instructional Design, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Alison Hedrick, Senior Lecturer of Information Systems, Kennesaw State University
  • Erin Ference, Spanish Instructor, VHS, Prince William County Schools
  • Mellanie Reeve, Reference Librarian, Chaffey College
  • Lisa Hughes, Instructional Design Specialist, Indiana State Online
  • Cheryl Oberlin, Professional Development Specialist, Quality Matters

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