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SoftChalk Cloud is the fastest, easiest, most flexible way to create, manage and share digital curriculum in your LMS.

Learning Management Systems are designed to help educators manage student coursework, assignments and evaluations. Yet they offer very limited content authoring features that allow educators to create, manage and share their digital curriculum content.

Content authoring is where SoftChalk Cloud shines and what makes it the perfect companion product for your LMS.

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The Perfect LMS Companion Product

  • Transition-Proof Content
    If you’ve ever experienced a transition from one LMS to another at your school, you’re probably aware of the issues that result when you have to recreate content that can’t be transferred to your new LMS. But when you create and host your lessons in SoftChalk Cloud, your content is transition-proof. You just provide a link in your LMS course to your content in SoftChalk Cloud so it’s easy to use your lessons in one or more courses in one or more LMSs.
  • Efficient Content Management & Score Tracking
    One SoftChalk Cloud content item can link into multiple courses and track student score results into multiple gradebooks. SoftChalk Cloud also offers a very efficient solution for updating the content for your lessons. You simply modify and save your lesson in SoftChalk Cloud and every course in every LMS that links to that lesson is automatically updated!

SoftChalk allows us to easily organize information for both teaching and professional development because it makes it so easy to integrate our own content and then add SoftChalk’s interactive activities. Here in Hampton City Schools, we love having this resource to assist us in our instruction. Using SoftChalk for my work has helped me be more productive so that I am working smarter, instead of harder.

– Nancy Terrell, NBCT, Teacher Librarian

Check out these GUIDES, WEBINARS and OTHER RESOURCES to get you on-board with SoftChalk Cloud and your LMS!



  • Introduction to SoftChalk Cloud – Ready to see SoftChalk Cloud in action? Then register for one of these webinars for an introduction to SoftChalk Cloud and Create!
  • Innovators in Online Learning – This series highlights educators who are using SoftChalk in innovative ways. These webinars are great for if you’re looking for new and exciting ways to use SoftChalk!

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  • Short Courses – These live, one-hour webinars include a step-by-step instructions and examples as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions and receive assistance from the instructor.
  • Sample Lessons – See sample lessons educators have created and shared using SoftChalk Cloud.
  • Sample Interactives – See sample activities and quizzes to give you some ideas for interactives of your own.
  • Video Tutorials – You can master SoftChalk in minutes by viewing our step-by-step video tutorials.
  • FAQs – See FAQs for SoftChalk Cloud in our Support Center.


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