Video Tutorials

Master SoftChalk in Minutes

Within minutes, you can master SoftChalk by viewing our step-by-step video tutorials. These videos are short, sweet and focused so you can pick and choose just the ones you need to get your eLearning content online with SoftChalk.

1. NEW - Create 11 Tutorials
2. Getting Started
3. File Storage and Management
5. SoftChalk Navigation
7. Callout Boxes
8. Simple Interactions
9. Tools
10. Local Media
11. SoftChalk Activities
13. SoftChalk Share Learning Object Repository
16. Publishing Lessons to Specific LMS
a. Creating a Publish to Account
b. Publish to ANGEL
c. Publish to Blackboard
d. Publish to BrainHoney
e. Publish to Canvas
f. Publish to Canvas Using the SoftChalk Link Selector Tool
g. Publish to Desire2Learn
h. Publish to Jenzabar
i. Publish to Moodle
j. Publish to Sakai
k. Publish to Schoology