Using SoftChalk with Brightspace by D2L

SoftChalk enables educators within Brightspace by D2L communities to create their own engaging, interactive content, add it to their Brightspace courses and record detailed student score results for their SoftChalk content in the Brightspace  gradebook.

SoftChalk content integrates with Brightspace version 10.1.0 SP2 or higher. Use these resources to learn how to integrate your SoftChalk learning content with Brightspace.

Integration Guide

If you want written instructions for using SoftChalk Cloud with Brightspace or you are a Brightspace administrator, see our Desire2Learn Integration Guide. If you do not have a SoftChalk Cloud account and you are using the desktop version of SoftChalk, see the section Non SoftChalk Cloud Users in the Desire2Learn Integration Guide.

Video Tutorials

See how its done by viewing these video tutorials:

SoftChalk Cloud

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