Incorporating SoftChalk interactives and activities for flipped learning


Engaging, interactive materials are at the heart of many flipped classrooms. Whether learners participate in hybrid courses or exclusively online learning, these types of activities build understanding and increase course participation. SoftChalk makes it easy to build courses that appeal to students and professors alike — check out the many ways that SoftChalk activities can be incorporated into flipped learning classrooms.

SoftChalk offers a variety of activities that instructors can use the lessons to build their lessons.

Interactive Lessons

Distance education is a popular alternative to traditional in-person courses. However, it can be tough to get the same kind of interaction in the online environment that takes place in a physical classroom. SoftChalk offers a variety of solutions to this problem, all based on the idea of flipped learning.

In flipped learning, learners spend independent study time watching lectures and reviewing materials before they gather for class sessions. This pedagogical approach helps increase student engagement, and interactive lessons are essential.

SoftChalk offers a variety of activities that instructors can use the lessons to build their lessons including:

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Sorting activities
  • Image matching challenges
  • True/false quizzes
  • Ordering activities
  • Timelines
  • Slideshows
  • And more

Flipped Classroom Resources

Using interactive resources as part of your flipped classroom can help increase student engagement and course attendance. Empowering students to listen to course lectures or complete interactive quizzes when and where they’re most comfortable is essential to success in distance education. Flipped classroom resources like videos and interactive outlines make that possible.

During face-to-face class time, you can reference the resources students viewed online. In a distance learning setting, you can even ask students to add their own contributions to image maps or timelines. These strategies foster engagement and help students master course material instead of passively absorbing it.

Flipped classrooms built on digital interactives allow you to address the needs of all students without a significant impact on your workload.

Instructors know that students have diverse learning styles. You want to support student success, but how can you ensure that you meet the needs of all learning styles? Flipped classrooms built on digital interactives allow you to address the needs of all students without a significant impact on your workload.

SoftChalk allows you to create a variety of activities and assessments based on course materials. Students who are visual learners can explore materials with the help of accordion activities. Students who prefer to learn via reading independently benefit from connections activities. SoftChalk offers myriad possibilities for every learning need.

Formative Assessments

Assessments are an important part of any course. Maybe you use pop quizzes at the start of some classes to evaluate what students have learned and what you need to reinforce. With digital tools, you can use the same types of quizzes before face-to-face classes to improve learning outcomes.

But how can you assess learning before class begins?

Instead of giving a quiz at the beginning of class, post a quiz that students will complete before class even starts. With SoftChalk, you can review the results instantly to see what content areas you need to focus on in your next class session.

You can also build immediate feedback into quizzes to encourage learning. You might create a quiz that prompts students to try again when they get something wrong. Maybe you’ll include visual clues to help students find the correct answer. Delivering interactive quizzes before class supports better learning outcomes and encourages students to form questions before class starts.

Progress Tracking and Analytics

As an instructor, you want to encourage student engagement and improve learning outcomes. But you also have to dedicate time to tracking student progress. SoftChalk’s digital tools make it much easier to stay on top of quiz grading and progress tracking.

Quizzes and other interactives are automatically graded so you can assess student needs and meet them where they are. With this instant feedback, you’re empowered to plan face-to-face class time that focuses on areas where students are struggling. SoftChalk is designed to save instructors time while supporting excellent learning outcomes.

Improved Accessibility

Making education accessible to all students is essential. It can be challenging to meet the needs of different learning styles or students with disabilities in a traditional classroom setting. In a flipped classroom, you have the opportunity to offer a variety of activities that meet diverse student needs.

Offering these activities is a great way to ensure that all your students can master course material. SoftChalk can also help you build an equitable, inclusive classroom environment. Students who are able to access study materials and work on mastery with interactives that appeal to them will feel like they truly belong in your courses — and their learning outcomes will improve too.

SoftChalk is packed with flexible, engaging, and customizable activities to jumpstart student learning. Start your 14-day trial today to see how SoftChalk can impact student engagement at your institution. You’ll find easy-to-use templates and resources to guide your institution’s flipped learning journey.

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