NEW Next Generation Crossword Puzzle, Accordion, and Tabbed Info Activities now available!


NEW Next Generation Crossword Puzzle, Accordion, and Tabbed Info Activities now available!

We’ve just released an updated scored activity and new block formatting options for SoftChalk Cloud and the Desktop Create app! In this new update, you’ll find an updated scored activity—Crossword Puzzle—as well as the new Accordion and updated Tabbed Info block formatting options.

Want to see how these activities might work for your lessons and your students? Click the names of the activities below to see samples.

Our goal with these updates is to enable you to create modern, responsive, and accessible interactive and engaging lessons for your learners. They incorporate the new architecture and styling of all the latest next generation activities that SoftChalk has released over the last several months. The objectives of these updates are to—

  • Improve accessibility by making them key-board and JAWS accessible;
  • Incorporate responsive design so the activities look and work well on any size screen;
  • Add new features and functionality that can be included in SoftChalk lessons.

We hope you find these new updates useful as you create and update your SoftChalk lessons!

Don’t see the option to upgrade? This FAQ may help! If you need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team at

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