Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 4 – Video Recommendations




Tech tip of the month…

Recommendations for using videos in your lessons

Incorporating media, especially videos, into your lessons help break up text and keep your students engaged. There are a number of options for including videos in your lessons so we’d like to share our recommendations with you!

Recommendations for using videos in your lessons:

  1. Put your video on a streaming video service, such as YouTube
  2. Insert the video as a widget to optimize the size and speed of your lesson
  3. Utilize the My Files feature within your SoftChalk Cloud account
  4. Check the file format of your video to make sure your students can view it in their browser
  5. .mp4 files inserted as a linked file are the most compatible across various browsers

Check out this FAQ for the full details of each recommendation.

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