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SoftChalk Releases Major Upgrade to Digital Curriculum Authoring Platform

Posted May 23, 2016 in News, Press Releases

RICHMOND, VA, U.S. — May 23, 2016 — SoftChalk, LLC, the market leader in providing digital curriculum authoring solutions to K12 and Higher Education schools, today released a major new upgrade of their SoftChalk Cloud platform.  The most significant new feature is SoftChalk Cloud’s new eBook creation and publishing options.  Now, SoftChalk lesson content can be packaged into an interactive eBook format for students to download using the new, free, SoftChalk eReader app, available in iOS, Android, and Windows app stores. The Chromebook reader will be coming soon.

“The new SoftChalk eBook functionality allows instructors to make their course content available to students in a format that allows a student to highlight text, add personal notes to the lessons, and access a built-in dictionary. And, the eBook format also allows students to retain access to their course materials, even after the course is over,” said Sue Polyson-Evans, CEO of SoftChalk LLC.  “EBooks are not new.  But what is new with SoftChalk Cloud is that now, any instructor can easily create and distribute their own course materials in an interactive eBook format.  The response from faculty, in beta testing and early release of the product, has been extremely positive.  There is a huge interest among faculty, in creating and distributing their own eBooks.”

In addition to the new eBook functionality, this release of SoftChalk Cloud includes support for enhanced styling of lesson content using new designer-styled headings, callout boxes, and enhancements to the display of interactive content such as interactive quizzes and games. Three new quiz question types are also available in the new version.

SoftChalk, which is already favored by many who wish to easily create highly accessible digital curriculum, has included new enhancements to further improve the accessibility of the content generated with its platform.

“We’re very excited about this new product release,” stated Sue Polyson-Evans, CEO of SoftChalk LLC. “Continuing to evolve and push the technology boundaries for the enhancement of teaching and learning is what we strive to do on a daily basis. With this release I think we have achieved just that.”

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