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Phase Two: Complex Files Upload

Posted September 17, 2015 in Product Updates, Uncategorized

PhaseTwo_MyFiles Complex

The next phase of our ‘My Files’ enhancements is here in a big way! With Phase One out for a little over two months now, we hope that being able to add files directly into your SoftChalk Cloud accounts has made life a little easier. Now, we are giving you the ability to add even larger packaged files into the Cloud!

What types of files can now be uploaded?

  • Standard .zip files can now be added directly to the Cloud.

This means that those Articulate and Camtasia files can now be easily uploaded and inserted into your SoftChalk lessons.

Step by Step

With only a few additional steps, you will have those complex files included in your SoftChalk lessons in no time! Simply follow the steps below:

  1.  Log into your SoftChalk Cloud account and go to your ‘My Files’ area.
  2. Under ‘Actions’ select the ‘Upload Files’ option.
  3. Browse for or drag the files you wish to upload to your account.
  4. You will be asked to select the entry file for your packaged lesson. (This will be the file within the zipped package your lesson will recognize as the starting point when inserted into the lesson.)
  5. Click ‘Ok.’
  6. From here, simply add these files to your lesson by selecting the ‘Insert’ tab and navigating to ‘SoftChalk Cloud Item’ in the Create window.
  7. Select the complex file under your ‘My Files’ section and you are ready to go!


 For our users who like more detailed instructions including pictures with each step, please see our SoftChalk Cloud Guide.

 As in Phase One you will no longer need to use the SoftChalk Create editor to upload these files. You will also no longer need to go through complicated inserting processes to get your complex files to work. We hope you enjoy the second phase to our ‘My Files’ area. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

Stay tuned for Phase Three…

2 Responses

  1. Susan Clark says:

    Does this mean that it would be possible to upload zipped files from a module that was created in Moodle all at once (i.e. a copy of the module)?


    • Jenn Montrose says:

      Hi Susan!
      That is a great question. You should be able to upload any zipped file, including a module that was created in Moodle. You just have to make sure that the proper entry file is selected for it to appear as you would like it to in SoftChalk.

      If for some reason you are having trouble with this, please email and our support team would be happy to assist you.

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