SoftChalk Cloud honored with 2nd place win in the 2014 IMS Global Connected Learning App Challenge

Last fall, IMS Global Learning Consortium hosted its inaugural Connected Learning App Challenge. This challenge was established to recognize applications that support digital innovation using open technology standards that enable connected learning. Challenge entries were evaluated on creativity, ease of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration and on their potential for enabling connected learning both online and in the classroom.

IMS Global Learning Consortium’s mission is to advance technology that can affordably scale and improve educational participation. IMS has a community of educational institutions, government organizations and suppliers developing open interoperability standards that encourage adoption through programs and applications that highlight effective practices in online education.

SoftChalk, was honored to win second place in the Content Creation category of the Connected Learning App Challenge. The awards were presented at IMS Global’s 2014 Learning Impact Leadership Institute that took place on May 8 at the Intercontinental Hotel in New Orleans. The institute featured presentations by eLearning advocates who discussed their favorite products and tools that are paving the future for online learning technology.

As a part of their goal to spread awareness of technology that can improve educational quality as well as exemplify IMS’s learning interoperability standards, IMS Global will be hosting a series of webinars in July where they will share the unique stories of the Connected Learning App Challenge winners.

SoftChalk Cloud will be featured in a webinar on Thursday, July 10th at 2:00pm EDT. During this webinar, you will learn how SoftChalk Cloud incorporates IMS Global’s learning standards and how you can: create, manage and share their own interactive online learning content using SoftChalk Cloud; easily add activities, quizzes and integrate media into your lessons to engage digital learners and improve learning outcomes; manage and track student learning; and apply your lessons to virtually any learning management system including Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Canvas and more.

Register for this free webinar and see why SoftChalk Cloud was a winner in the Connected Learning App Challenge this year.

Learn more about the IMS Global Connected Learning App Challenge and about the other winners of this challenge by reading IMS’s Challenge Winners press release.

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