Follow the Leader?

Addressing the Leadership Crisis in Higher Education

Universities and colleges are struggling to find middle managers to promote to the highest levels. In some cases, they are reaching outside of education for new leaders. The shortage is caused by the small size of Generation X and by increasing use of part-time faculty members who are not inside the system. The shortage is both in academics and in services such as alumni relations, bookstores, libraries, conference centers and more. Some thought leaders are referring to this as an academic leadership crisis.

Where there is crisis, there are also opportunities. Multiple opportunities for advancement to academic leadership positions will be available as a result! Open Doors Group (ODG), the League for Innovation in the Community College and SoftChalk LLC have joined forces to offer PATHS, an eight-week online program (September 8 – October 31, 2014) designed to accelerate career paths for higher education professionals. PATHS will address the pending leadership crisis by providing a unique, career-boosting opportunity for college and university employees who have started their management careers or aspire to leadership positions.

Paths provides approximately twelve hours of affordable and convenient, interactive online training. The key to the success of PATHS is its combination of mentoring services and a highly-interactive, team-based training experience. “In developing PATHS, the Open Doors Group’s goal is—above all—to support the people who are just starting to serve as leaders in higher education and to give them what they need as they discover the managerial challenges inherent in the evolving, 21st Century higher education ecosystem,” said Marie Highby, ODG Director of Strategy and Content Development and Lead Developer and Instructor for PATHS.

If you are an entry or mid-level manager who aspires to serve in a higher education leader position, then PATHS was designed for you. Check out the PATHS website today and, if this is the path for you, register early – only the first 50 registrants will be matched with a mentor.

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