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Imagine having more class time with your students. Having students watch lectures outside of class would provide more opportunities to incorporate student-centered activities in class.  Many educators are flipping their classes by having students watch their lectures at home (traditionally done in class) and having students do their “homework” (traditionally done at home) in class. This inverting of instructional methods is called flipped learning. Virtually unknown a few years ago, flipped learning is now gaining attention at the secondary and university levels. Several medical/health professional schools are examining the flipped learning concept and many high schools are already using this method. Recently, the National Science Foundation awarded a half-million dollar grant exploring Case Studies and the Flipped Classroom for developing flipped methods in undergraduate biology curriculum.

To learn more on how flipped learning has changed the way educators’ present information, there is a 3-week online course to help you get started in “flipping” your lessons. The course in hosted on a learning management system (LMS) and the all of the instructional lessons that will used in this course were created using Softchalk: eLearning Authoring Tool. The instructional lessons are multi-media rich and contain graded questions and interactive learning games.

This is an online, non-credit course which will take place June 16 – July 7, 2014. There are two different versions of the course being offered:  A) Free of charge: This is a reduced version of the course and B) Complete course ($35.00): All course work with the final project included.

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