Need More Help with SoftChalk?

Help is here for you! There are self-paced video and lesson tutorials that will help you create your eLearning content within minutes.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials are created for you to choose what you need to create your content and get it online.  The tutorials are related to our webinars.  Instead of watching an hour long webinar, the video tutorials will guide you through SoftChalk in just a few minutes!

The video tutorials include videos from Getting Started with SoftChalk to Images in SoftChalk and from Media Search Tool to SoftChalk Quizzes. Here is an example of a video tutorial on how to create a lesson with SoftChalk:

Lesson Tutorials

The lesson tutorials are our engaging, online lessons that are created with SoftChalk! Because the lesson tutorials are created with the product itself, you will be able to see what SoftChalk has to offer.  The lessons range from Getting Started with SoftChalk Create to Images in SoftChalk Create. Here is an example what a lesson would look like:


To view more video and lesson tutorials, visit the SoftChalk website. You can find them under the Learn More tab. The video tutorials are also located within the SoftChalk application under the Help Menu and our YouTube channel.

Also, if you have any specific questions, you may go to our Support website to answer any of your questions.


  1. Pat Perry

    I’ve created two courses using SoftChalk. I’ve used NetLearning as a means to upload and assign to our staff. Our organization is looking to create courses on line for continuing education. Can SoftChalk stand alone without a learning management system? Also, can a webinar be imbedded as video and audio can? Thank you for your help, Pat Perry

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