Reaching Students in Rural Areas

Teaching Diverse Communities of Adult and Student Learners at a DistanceOur guest post for this week is from Mavis Sacher, Principal of the Sunchild E-learning Community. Don’t miss Mavis’ webinar on Teaching Diverse Communities of Adult and Student Learners at a Distance scheduled for November 14 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Using technology to engage students in marginalized and remote areas has been a rewarding challenge.  My basic premise is that everyone is entitled to an excellent education and where you live should not short circuit your opportunities.  With the onset of the Internet, the growth in infrastructure over the last decade in rural and remote areas has created educational opportunities similar to that of urban cities.

At Sunchild E-learning we have taken the best practices of traditional education and combined them with best practices in online teaching to develop a blended model. In this blended model a new pedagogy emerges that may be more effective and more engaging, and encourages learning and creativity.  We have taken Chickering and Gamson’s Seven Principals of good practice and built what we believe to be effective online learning independent of the medium.  Because technology is in constant change incorporating new technologies needs to be purposeful and assessed against the backdrop of metacognitive ideals and good pedagogical practices for learning and teaching.

Register for our Innovator webinar on November 14 to learn how you can improve your distance education program by applying the best practices used by Sunchild E-learning.


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