SoftChalk Announces Strategic Sales and Integration Relationship with UK-Based Solutions Provider Intrallect

Richmond, Virginia, U.S. – September 26, 2011 – SoftChalk, a leading developer of educational software, today announced a strategic sales and integration agreement with Intrallect, a UK-based provider of digital management solutions. Through this agreement, Intrallect will resell SoftChalk software in the United Kingdom and SoftChalk will offer the ability to search intraLibrary, Intrallect’s flagship repository product, from within the SoftChalk content authoring system.

The reseller agreement between Intrallect and SoftChalk will expand Intrallect’s portfolio of products and services and promote new growth of SoftChalk products in the UK market. Intrallect customers who are using intraLibrary will be able to search their library’s content from within the SoftChalk authoring tool.

“We are pleased to expand our reach to the United Kingdom and provide intraLibrary users search functionality within our authoring solution,” stated Sue Evans, co-founder and CEO of SoftChalk.

“The new alliance with SoftChalk will allow us to bring an award-winning authoring tool to the schools (K-12), universities and colleges, and businesses in the UK market. The integration with intraLibrary makes it a complete solution, enabling organisations to better discover, share, manage and deliver their digital objects,” said Charles Duncan, Head of Research at Intrallect.

To learn more about the integration please register for the upcoming partner webinar taking place on Wednesday, October 12 at 11AM EDT/4PM GMT.

About SoftChalk, LLC

SoftChalk, LLC is an award-winning provider of e-Learning software for worldwide education and business institutions. Specializing in the development of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions, SoftChalk products allow instructors to create powerful and professional-looking content for e-Learning and smart classrooms in K-12, higher education and corporate training. For more information, visit

About Intrallect

Formed in 2000 as a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, Intrallect is a leading provider of digital object repository software specifically designed for use in the education and training sector. The company specializes in helping organizations such as schools, universities, colleges, professional bodies and corporates to better manage their digital resources at a strategic level. intraLibrary, the company’s digital repository software has been selected by several leading institutions including JORUM, a national repository of learning objects for Higher and Further Education in the UK, and the NHS. Intrallect takes an independent approach to developing intraLibrary through providing interoperability with other key learning technologies. For more information, visit

About intralibrary

intraLibrary is a strategic, web based digital resource library which is specifically designed to make digital resources easier to manage, share, improve and reuse across an organisation–all from a simple web browser. It can be used to store almost any type of digital content including learning resources, digital research papers, image libraries and digital collections, as well as providing the capability to manage the content submission process through highly customizable workflows. Powerful metadata and search capabilities make it easier for users to find highly relevant content, in addition to being able to configure personal RSS news feeds alerts. intraLibrary can be deployed as a standalone solution but is also fully SCORM compliant and designed to be interoperable with other technologies including content authoring tools, blogs, wikis, learning platforms and news readers via the intraLibrary Connect web services suite.

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