Student Score Tracking Made Easier, More Flexible and Reliable

SoftChalk releases a new way to track student score data when delivering content through the Blackboard Learning System

Richmond, Virginia, U.S.—February 02, 2011—SoftChalk LLC, an award-winning provider of e-learning content authoring software, rolls out ScoreCenter, a new solution for tracking student score data. Today’s release includes ScoreCenter for the Blackboard Learning System 9.0/9.1, however ScoreCenter for other methods of delivery is currently under development.

The ScoreCenter project will be launched in phases with ScoreCenter for Blackboard being released the first week of February and many other methods anticipated to be released along side the rollout of SoftChalk 7 in late spring 2011. At completion, ScoreCenter will offer users more reliable and flexible scoring options for SoftChalk lessons when delivering content anywhere — in a Learning Management System, on a website, in a classroom or “in the cloud.”

ScoreCenter features currently available for Blackboard 9.0 and 9.1 users include accurate reporting of score data from SoftChalk content into the Blackboard gradebook, flexible scoring options, continuous feedback to students as they complete the scored activities, a “resume” feature allowing students to pick up where they left off in a lesson, detailed score data for the instructor and support for the scoring of essay style questions.

Lynda Randall PhD, Faculty Coordinator of Academic Technology and Professor of Secondary Education said, “I am very impressed with ScoreCenter as a cutting edge scoring tool with many customizable functions. Softchalk has become a vital tool for faculty in the California State University system, which serves more than 450,000 students annually on its 23 campuses. The new ScoreCenter function provides additional record keeping and item analysis features that are robust and reliable, and also eliminates the need for reliance on SCORM.”

For more information, please visit the SoftChalk website or register for a ScoreCenter Webinar.

About SoftChalk, LLC

SoftChalk, LLC is an award-winning provider of e-learning software for worldwide education and business institutions. Specializing in the development of intuitive, easy-to-use tools, SoftChalk products allow instructors to create powerful and professional-looking content for e-learning and smart classrooms in K-12, higher education and corporate training. For more information, visit


  1. Sonya Leigh McGee

    My district has SoftChalk7. I entered the contest so I currently have access to the cloud and wanted to have students use my lesson and try out the ScoreCenter feature so that I can decide if I want to invest the money in an individual license. Can you please tell me how to go about doing this? Thank you!

    • Natalie

      Hi Sonya,
      Thank you for reaching out !I have sent your request on to the Support Team. Someone will be following up with you shortly to help.
      Natalie S.

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