SoftChalk Promotes Collaboration with Release of Version 6 and CONNECT

RICHMOND, Virginia, U.S. — May 25, 2010 — SoftChalk, LLC, a leading developer of educational content authoring tools, announced today the release of Version 6. SoftChalk’s solutions have always been easy to use; however, Version 6 makes the creation of engaging, portable learning content easier than ever. And now that same content can be easily shared via SoftChalk CONNECT, a Web 2.0 Learning Object Repository and online community.

Sue Evans, co-founder and CEO of SoftChalk, stated, “The pervasive implementation of learning management systems over the past ten years has led to heightened interest in allowing instructors and content authors to share, discover, mash-up and re-use learning content. Toward this end, SoftChalk has launched CONNECT, a cloud-based learning object repository, which enables organizations to leverage their e-learning investment with increased collaboration, sharing and access to dynamic resources.”

With the CONNECT Learning Object Repository, SoftChalk introduces these exciting new features:

  • CONNECT site visitors can search for and find web-based learning activities, also known as Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs), to embed or link into most any web page, including blogs, personal web site pages and SoftChalk lessons.
  • Registering for a free CONNECT account allows users to find and use learning objects, rate and comment on shared RLOs, and create interactive polls and ratings widgets to embed in learning content.
  • SoftChalk V6 users have the ability to create and publish web-based RLOs to the site for personal use or to share with others.

This summer a SoftChalk CONNECT PRO account will offer expanded features. With this premium-based option, users will have the ability to publish full SoftChalk lessons or eCourses, as well as control access to their published learning materials via privacy and group settings.

In addition to the launch of SoftChalk CONNECT, this new version of the SoftChalk authoring solution simplifies the development of learning content with new features and enhancements, including:

  • Exciting new templates for creating interactives, including: Create-a-Poll, Star Ratings, Jigsaw Puzzle, Tabbed Info, DidYouKnow and Charts
  • “One-button” publishing to Blackboard™, Sakai™, MERLOT™ and other learning/content management systems
  • IMS™ Common Cartridge content packaging and enhanced support for metadata content tagging of curriculum standards data, accessibility data and a subset of Dublin core metadata.
  • Executable Lesson Packaging that allows students to launch lessons from a Windows or Macintosh desktop.

One of the initial beta testers, Paige Brooks-Jeffiers, eLearning Technology Coordinator at KCTCS, said, “SoftChalk has made some excellent enhancements in V6. The Library has been enhanced to save test questions and question sets along with any activities, images, media or widgets. This improved functionality will save a lot of time, which we all need these days! Then there is CONNECT. This is a perfect service for SoftChalk to offer. I can’t wait to see what faculty share in this repository. It will be great to see the variety of content developed by the creative community of SoftChalk users.”

Another beta tester, Beth Gray-Robertson, Director of Distance Learning at Halifax Community College, said, “The most recent improvements and enhancements in version 6 indicate that the SoftChalk team is not just looking for bells and whistles but is committed to product improvement that is directed at better learning, better teaching and better online experiences.”

About SoftChalk, LLC

SoftChalk, LLC is an award-winning provider of e-Learning software for worldwide education and business institutions. Specializing in the development of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions, SoftChalk products allow instructors to create powerful and professional-looking content for e-Learning and smart classrooms in K-12, higher education and corporate training. For more information, visit

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