Virtual Schools – One Size Does NOT Fit All

In the world of K-12 education Virtual School models can vary greatly. In this webinar we will examine three. (1) Georgia Virtual (GaVS) is a statewide initiative which, requires their content to work in a larger variety of online environments, including any LMS; (2) creates and shares their content with smaller virtual schools through a cloud based repository; and (3) Orange USD, a California virtual school, provides online courses for traditional f2f classroom students and requires their classroom teachers to build their own online courses. As you will learn, these organizations vary in their approaches to content creation, student orientation, and teacher training – to name a few.

Beginning in January each organization will have their own Innovator webinar to provide the details!

Presenters: Jay Heap, Georgia Virtual School; Deanna Mayers,; Pam Quiros, Orange USD.

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