Technology and Sports: Reinforcing Learning Off the Practice Field

Though not taking the place of the physical daily practice sessions, conditioning and playing the game itself, online and in-class technologies reinforce and enhance the players understanding of the scientific and tactical concepts by allowing them to review, question and assimilate different aspects on their own. In that process the coach saves valuable in-person time and resources but still keeps in contact with the players in and out of season.

This presentation will show how SoftChalk and other media programs and software can promote and enhance a college athletic program’s profile, coaching, education (in this case mens soccer) and efficiency. The presenter will introduce how the idea was born moving through its genesis to topics such as the off-season, preseason, and in season; as well as player expectations and game reviews. And in the process also integrates them into the technology and environmental mission statement of the school.

Presenter: Desmond Lawless, Head Men’s Soccer Coach/Department of Kinesiology, Shenandoah University

January 2011

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