Teaching Well Online (T.W.O.): Faculty Development Conforming to National and State Standards and Models

Niagara County Community College (NCCC) is one of the 64 State University of New York (SUNY) campuses and a member of the SUNY Learning Network (SLN).   The faculty development materials they create follow the course development and design process developed through the award winning SLN, the instructional design strategies from Quality Matters, and the design research using the Community of Interest (COI) collaboration model.

The presentation will showcase the three major online lessons used by Teaching Well Online to support eLearning faculty:

  1. Teaching Well Online at NCCC
  2. Hybrid Course Design and Development Process
  3. NCCC’s Easy Guide to Course Accessibility

In addition, the presenter will share their two Guides  (“NCCC Course Design Standards, Tips for Successful Course Management”, and “How Visible are you to your Online Students”).

Presenter: Lisa Dubuc M.S. ED –  Coordinator/Instructional Designer  of eLearning  – Niagara County Community College

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