Teaching Styles for Non-Traditional Students

When you picture a typical college classroom, what do you see? Most people would imagine students between the ages of 18 and 22 experiencing college for the first time. But nearly 74% of undergraduate students do not fit into that category today. They are “non-traditional” students. Either they’re older, are returning to complete a degree, or striving to obtain a degree for the first time, all while working a full-time job. These non-traditional students have different needs and respond better to different teaching styles.

In this webinar, Lane Gunnels from South Louisiana Community College will share his experience teaching non-traditional students in his Electrical Technology program. Three main takeaways are:

1. Identifying key differences between traditional and non-traditional students and the impact that has on how they learn.
2. The importance of finding the most effective teaching style for non-traditional students.
3. What to look for to see if you’re having the desired outcome with non-traditional students.

For background information and more about our presenter, see the blog post accompanying this webinar!

Lane’s webinar presentation

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