Migrating from PowerPoint: You CAN make your Online Teaching more Engaging and Interactive

As educators, we know that the best way to reach our students is with the use of interactive and engaging strategies. However, our online students are often inundated with PowerPoint presentations that carry little more than illustrated bullet points. Busy faculty members are understandably reluctant to devote a great deal of time to learn how to produce more dynamic online content – including multimedia.

Join us in this session as we demonstrate just how easy it is to take an existing PowerPoint and turn it into web content for training or teaching with built-in navigation, interactive activities, accessibility compliance, and professionally-produced streaming video clips. The presentation will describe the use of SoftChalk and INTELECOM as resources for accomplishing this migration.

Presenter: Deborah Kell, Dean of Instructional Systems and Institutional Effectiveness, Mercer County Community College

September 2010

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