Flipping Your Classroom with SoftChalk: Lessons Learned from Early Adopters

During this presentation the authors will discuss why they decided to change the model for teaching by moving the “studying” to the live (or virtual) classroom and moving the “lecture/learning” to “homework”. While many instructors are struggling with the content organization and presentation, and student engagement in the classroom, SoftChalk has emerged as an appealing tool for re-visiting how we teach.  Many instructors have used SoftChalk to develop media rich content with engaging activities to organize and present the content. They have used their SoftChalk lessons in various models to engage students in interacting with the content. In our presentation, we would like to share

  1. Needs for Flipping the Classroom (F2F, Online and Hybrid)
  2. The sample lessons Before and After: (PowerPoint Presentation vs. SoftChalk Lesson Modules)
  3. Students’ Voices (what are students saying)
  4. Strategies learned (roadmap for novice online instructors)

Jodi Brown, Ph. D., Dept. Social Work
Wendy Ashley, Psy.D. and LCSW, Dept. of Social Work
Li Wang, Ph. D., Faculty Technology Center

California State University, Northridge


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