Inclusive Design for Education: ALL IN

Inclusive design for education is no longer the future it is the present. With accessibility at the forefront of lesson design, many instructors are realizing that accessibility not only helps the students that require the accommodation, but also helps ALL students.

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) includes accessibility but goes farther to help ALL students. One part of the Universal Design for Learning is presenting materials in various formats, such as audio format, so that students can select the format that is best for their learning methodology.

This webinar will talk about how SoftChalk allows instructors ways to embed videos, images, change up the format, etc. and how ReadSpeaker adds the voice and reading accessibility features to SoftChalk.

Come see how these two easy to use products can help you move your lessons toward UDL which is an inclusive design for learners.

Ginger’s PowerPoint Deck
Ginger’s Sample Lesson used in the Webinar

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