How Georgia Virtual School addresses diversity with ReadSpeaker and SoftChalk

In this live webinar you will see how Georgia Virtual School uses ReadSpeaker’s online text to speech service, and SoftChalk’s eLearning authoring product, to help students get better access to, and understanding of, its courses.

With ReadSpeaker, Georgia Virtual School students can now click a button on a page of any lesson and have the text on the page read to them. ReadSpeaker makes the online content created with SoftChalk more accessible to students with cognitive issues, learning disabilities, and vision problems, as well as individuals who do not speak or read English as their first language. Additionally, it provides multitasking opportunities for learners and portability of content to other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Georgia Virtual School will demonstrate a variety of courses created with SoftChalk’s award-winning software and show how students view lessons using any standard web browser or on mobile devices.

Presenter: Jay Heap, Georgia Virtual School

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