Getting Started with Quality Overviews and Introductions: A Best Practices in Online Course Design webinar

Quality overviews and introductions can be the cornerstone of an effective online course. While it may seem generic and tedious, there are many ways to incorporate interactive and engaging features into course introductions to generate student excitement.

Experience how other educators improve the quality of their lessons through creating engaging course introductions by joining us for the first session of the new “Best Practices in Online Course Design” webinar series, sponsored by SoftChalk and Quality Matters. Jillian Jevack of Quality Matters and Sarah Aboulhosn of SoftChalk will introduce the series, and share how other educators have exemplified Quality Matters Standard 1: Introductions & Overviews and improved the overall effectiveness of their online courses.

To learn more about the series and keep up to date with all of our upcoming webinars visit our Best Practices in Online Course Design page

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