Getting a Jump-Start: Re-purpose Publisher Content, Add your Own

Malissa Attebery, an Instructional Designer at Lone Star College shows how a small group of designers can create a thousand online courses! In this online presentation you will see three examples:

  1. Converting e-packs : a Psych course from a Cengage ePack;
  2. Making e-textbooks interactive: combing learning objects from McGraw-Hill and instructor e-texts;
  3. Student Orientations: a MathLab orientation from Pearson.

You will see how you can combine publisher and instructor content, and how SoftChalk makes it easy to chunk the information to make reading and interacting with the content more manageable for learners. And with the ability to add images, multimedia, and various activities the content comes alive.

Presenter: Malissa Attebery, Lone Star College

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