Flipping the Classroom for a Nationwide Community College/Industry Collaboration

This flipped classroom program is used to both teach current community college students and to re-train auto industry employees.  This NSF funded National Center for Excellence, the Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC), involves 30 community colleges and virtually every automobile manufacturer in the USA. SoftChalk was used to shift the “lecture” to digital lessons students sponsoredby2complete on their own so that the time they spend with their instructors can be better spent solving real-world problems. AMTEC subject matter experts and instructional designers developed a hybrid online associate’s degree program in general mechatronic maintenance composed of 12 courses, sorted into 90 stand-alone modules, each aligned to validated industry skill standards.

In this presentation we will discuss how AMTEC, this unique collaboration of colleges and industry partners, developed hybrid online lectures and in person labs to contextualize instruction so that students are more engaged and gain valuable experience in maintaining and troubleshooting complex integrated manufacturing systems. Discussion will include how AMTEC’s use of SoftChalk has been integral in developing a mechatronics maintenance curriculum that drives cost down, better aligns to industry skill standards, and helps instructors to target instruction based on student needs. In addition, we will discuss AMTEC’s current work using SoftChalk Cloud to create fault-based scenarios to further improve student learning and better analyze student performance against critical skill standards.


Walt Barlow
AMTEC Curriculum Director
Workforce Education Specialist
Kentucky Community & Technical College System

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