Flipping a High School Level Chemistry Course – all about the media

This fall, after teaching Introduction to Chemistry for over 20 years, it was, for the first time, taught as a flipped course. At Southern State, Introduction to Chemistry is a high school level course designed for those students who either did not take high school chemistry, or took it so long ago they need a refresher.  The course lessons weSponsoredByNISOD SoftChalkre short video lectures which include animations, simulations, and a variety of video clips. These video lectures, with follow-up questions, are incorporated into SoftChalk which allows the lessons to be interactive. Students are also provided with handouts of the PowerPoint slides with QR codes linked to the video lectures. If the students have smart phones, they can access the video lessons on their phones using the QR codes. During class time the students do the usual problem solving, laboratory activities, etc. They also are asked to use clickers to respond to a series of questions tied to the course objectives. This formative assessment is compared with their responses to test questions related to the same course objectives.


Don Storer
Professor, Chemistry and Division Coordinator for Life Sciences
Southern State Community College (OH)

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