Faculty Training in the (SoftChalk) Cloud: Easy for Us, Easy for Them

Just as student populations are increasingly diversifying, faculty demographics are also changing. In addition to a full-time, tenure-track, captive audience for trainings, schools now have a wide array of part-time, non-local, and otherwise overwhelmed faculty to train. At the Alamo Colleges, they’ve discovered that self-paced training modules in the cloud are a great way to connect faculty and staff to the information they need, where and when they need it.

Using SoftChalk, Laura Lawrence and Tracey DeLillo worked to create a “course” on Intellidemia Concourse, their new e-syllabus system. With a quick turnaround time to get every faculty member in the district familiar with the tool, they were able to put together simple, engaging content that could be updated on the fly as new questions were asked or processes changed. Communicating the link via email, and through inclusion on their portal and web sites, they ensured that the maximum number of people would be able to find out what they needed to know. With positive feedback received, and a new appreciation for its ease of use, SoftChalk Cloud has become a go-to tool for other initiatives as well.


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