Design Principles, and examples, for Creating Multimedia Tutorials

Ten years ago only those with special skills were able to design computer-based or web-based instruction. Today, almost any subject matter expert can find an authoring tool that suits their skill level. Although exciting, effective instruction starts with sound instructional design principles – principles that should be the foundation of any type of online instruction.

The presenters will address the question “what is effective instruction” through one very popular web-based instructional method – the tutorial. Participants will learn what a tutorial is, when to use a tutorial over another method of instruction, and how to structure and sequence a tutorial. An engaging and effective web-based tutorial designed using SoftChalk will be presented.

Presenters: Martha M. Snyder, Ph.D. of Nova Southeastern University and Becky Whittemore, M.P.H., M.N., B.S.N. of Oregon Health and Science University

December 2010

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