Creating Accessible Lessons for Students with Disabilities Using SoftChalk

Jane Jarrow, Principal of DCCOL – Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning discusses how SoftChalk provides both the support and the mechanisms to insure that online lessons are accessible to all students, including those with disabilities, from the start. A series of questions are addressed:

  • Why are we having this conversation? (What are the legal mandates that require access to online learning opportunities? Is just having the right technology enough?)
  • How can I tell whether my lesson is fully accessible? (How does a review of the functional limitations created by disability help to guide the creation of accessible lessons?)
  • How does SoftChalk make it possible/easy/fast to take control and construct an accessible lesson from the start? (What tools are built into SoftChalk’s that allow me to build in accessibility?)
  • Where can I get more information? (What’s this about a virtual open house to explore a new resource regarding accessibility of online learning?)

Presenter: Jane Jarrow, DCCOL – Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning

February 2010

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