Continued Learning in the Wake of COVID-19

Due to coronavirus COVID-19, schools around the country are canceling in-person classes and shifting to distance or online education to continue the learning — with little time to plan and prepare staff, families, or students. There are many tough questions rising across the country: How are schools continuing the learning? What is the best way to rapidly spin up an online learning environment? What is the best way to keep students engaged? How will students demonstrate knowledge acquisition?

SoftChalk and i3DigitalPD are teaming up to host a live online conversation that poses these questions and more. Access is free and open to anyone who wants to participate.

Join Kim Loomis, former Online & Blended Director of Nevada’s Clark County School District and CEO of i3DigitalPD for this lively and informative conversation.

Check out Kim’s most recent blog post for helpful tips and background information prior to the webinar.
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