Building Peer Groups with a MOOC using Google Plus and SoftChalk Cloud

The Blended Schools Network’s upcoming MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), “Today’s Blended Teacher,” will use Google Plus to deliver the MOOC and BSNcloud (a private version of SoftChalk Cloud) for its content. The MOOC is designed specifically for educators who wish to improve their knowledge of quality blended learning and improve the quality of their existing content while growing their K-12 professional peer network. Beginning April 15, each week of this five week course will include a live panel discussion, course materials, curating quality resources and developing and critiquing new lessons.

During this presentation Mark Radcliffe and Dan Lucas from the Blended Schools Network will discuss their goals for this MOOC as well as the week to week agendas and strategies.  The presenters will also discuss why they chose the Google Plus platform to deliver the MOOC and why their content is created and delivered via BSN’s Private SoftChalk Cloud Learning Object Repository and Content Authoring platform.

This BSN MOOC is free to all. For more information, or to register:


Mark Radcliffe
Director of Professional Development
Blended Schools Network

Dan Lucas
Blended Learning Specialist
Blended Schools Network

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