Building Interactive Articles for Peer-Reviewed Journals with SoftChalk

Interactive articles (and e-books) are an enriched form of digital publication which may build in deep exploration, interactivity, and value-added learning for readers.  These articles integrate multimedia and other digital contents, are accessible and have mobile friendly content.

This webinar will highlight the building of two published articles created with SoftChalk, with a focus on organizational structure, strategic “activity” selection and multimedia choices, and tailoring to a broad audience.  We’ll also discuss the how’s & why’s and do’s & don’ts when considering authoring an interactive article.

The two examples that will be introduced are recent publications in the peer-reviewed Educause Quarterly:

  • “Creating an Online Global Health Course and Game” by Brent A. Anders, Deborah J. Briggs, Shalin Hai-Jew, Zachary J. Caby, and Mary Werick
  • “The Participatory Design of a (Today and) Future Digital Entomology Lab” by Shalin Hai-Jew

These articles include an exploratory space about insects, a sidebar about rabies prevention, and a built-in game on global health.

The slide show presentation used during the webinar can be found at

Presenter: Shalin Hai-Jew, Instructional Designer, Information Technology Assistance Center, Kansas State University

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