Anatomy Lab Workbooks get a 21st Century Make-Over

Each year, in the life sciences, many lab workbooks are printed and given to students. This is common within many universities when teaching lab based practical’s sessions. This year the Life Sciences department within the University of Manchester is working towards updating these workbooks to include interactive assessments, video tutorials and lab practical enhancement activities using the new features in SoftChalk Create 9. In addition, they are using LTI capabilities to link student scores from SoftChalk Cloud and record the student’s progress in Blackboard. This is all part of a push to move all course unit handbooks towards an ePub download, coupled with tracking to send push notifications when a newer version of the eBook is available.

Enjoy this webinar, where Ian Miller and Anna Leicester, from Life Sciences at The University of Manchester, UK, eLearning team, will share their experiences and show your institution how it can effectively transform lab practical guides into interactive content available on all platforms.


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